April is Stress Awareness Month. Who knew? I’m sure if I was to ask how many of you are stressed on a daily basis, I would see a lot of hands.

Mommin’ ain’t easy!

There’s kid stress, work stress, marital stress, self stress, and stress about all the stress. It definitely can take a toll on us and make us turn into not so nice women or leave us curled up in a ball with a glass of wine. (Not that I’m speaking from experience.)

I figured we could all use some simple ways to handle the stress in our lives! Some of these are things you do alone, some with your kids, and a few with friends. No reason not to make a little stress free time in our lives! 

  1. Meet up with a friend
  2. Take a bubble bath (kick the kids and spouse out of the house)
  3. Go to a coffee shop and enjoy a delicious treat
  4. Have a 5 minute dance party (include the kids and spouse, it’ll be fun!)
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Make a cup of tea
  7. Diffuse some essential oils (lavender and lemon are great!)
  8. Lay out clothes for the next day to stop the morning rush
  9. Ask for help
  10. Laugh (watch a funny YouTube video or a comedy on Netflix)
  11. Take a break from your phone
  12. Do some stretching/yoga
  13. Take a nap
  14. Spend some time with a pet (go to an animal shelter if you don’t have one)
  15. Meditate (I love the Calm app)
  16. Journal (either in a pretty notebook or just on your phone)
  17. Play!
  18. Get up a little earlier and tackle a nagging task or enjoy the quiet
  19. Say no to something (stop filling up your plate!)
  20. Have sex

I think one of the biggest things we can do for stress is to ask for help, which I know for me isn’t easy. When I do delegate a task though, I feel so much better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then find some help. Nobody said you need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. *note to self*

What are some of your favorite ways to deal with stress?

Are you good at asking for help?


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